Saturday, July 24, 2010

Rose of Sharon pendants done ala Perri, Shaktipaj. Left stone is smokey quartz oval and the right one is amethyst colored cubic zirconia. Both are made of sterling silver. I made 6 of these for Christmas gifts. They were well received!

When I bought this stone in a set of earrings and ring, I was told it was moonstone. It is opalite. I love the pagoda carved into the back of the stone. This is the ring reborn as a pendant. Sterling wire was used for the bezel and frame. Some day i will be able to get the twists and turns uniform. In the meantime, you can see they are unique, one of a kind products!.

I have been in heart mode. These are wire framed lampwork beads. Sterling and glass. They were sort of a preliminary for the Valentines earring swap on Creative wire jewelry.

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