Sunday, January 24, 2010

Chalcedony pendant with Iza style woven bead cap. The cap does not fit like I would have liked. I must remember to leave enough space for the weaving wire so that it will sit down on the stone like I want.

Square link bracelet with pearl hearts and crosses and cat's eye beads made with copper wire. My greatest problem was that the wire was too soft and wouldn't really hold the shape that I gave it. Possibly the wire was also too small for the job I wanted it to do.

Very large topaz colored crystal set in copper bezeled pendant. I acquired this pendant on last year's bead cruise from Sharon Hessoun. She said she thought I would do something nice with it. I hope she is pleased. I learned from this exercise that I must leave extra room in the bezel wires to allow for the wrapping done in various places.

Valentine swap earrings made for Vickie Gould. I hope she likes them. They are sterling silver with sugilite beads and amethyst colored Swars.
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