Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Beadwork by Karen Davis, BeadCamel

Bead knitted green bag.

Woven bag created on the tubaloo.

Peyote stitch portrait of my beloved Goldie cat.

Biva Chain
Biva was a young woman from Nepal. She was here with her husband who was studying at the University of Idaho. When he finished his degree and they were preparing to move, she gave me some beadwork and beads. Some time later, I actually looked at the beadwork and found this lovely chain. I picked a bit of it apart to see how it was done. I sent a portion to Alice Scherer to see if she recognized it. She said she had never seen it and wanted to know what I was going to call it. I called it the Biva Chain. Some time later, I discovered that Raven had it on her website and had called it the Nepal chain.

The chain reminds me of a head of wheat. An anthropologist suggested that it may be something used to pay tribute to the goddess.

Biva Chain necklace.

To the right is the Biva chain made from
garnets and sterling hot dogs.

This is another portrain piece. The porcelain portrait was painted by a friend of my mother-in-law from photos taken by my father-in-law. It is set in a beaded peyote stitch bezel and embellished with Biva chain and hung from a Biva chain necklace.
Modified Biva Chain
I submitted an article to Bead and Button describing the Biva chain and showing how to accomplish it. I was told it was too thready so I came up with this modification which puts the small fresh water pearls on the portion of thread which was too visible.

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