Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Egypt Culture: The pendant shape reminds me of the matroha or baker's peel used by Egyptian women as they bake their bread in the open hearth ovens. The ornate links in the chain remind me of ornate Egyptian jewelry. This piece was started some 20 years ago. Then, ill health forced me to put away my jewelry tools. This week, I dug out the necklace and finished it. I needed to join the necklace through the top of the pendant. I could not make the solder flow so I resorted to using wire chain links.
The necklace is a jewlers equivalent to a sampler quilt. The techniques include soldering, sweating, dapping, cold connections such as rivets, a hinge that allows the roundpart of the pendant to open, bezel set stones, jump rings, chains, repousse, etc.

I know. This is cheating. I am cheating because I am so far behind!

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