Monday, August 04, 2008

This week's project was a little bit difficult for me to get into. Volcanic Embers was the theme. Volcanoes bring up pictures of lava beds, all rough and sharp. Embers bring up the thoughts of hot, fiery, red, golden, and molten. I have these three large dichroic beads with flashes of gold and blue. In the right light, they are fiery. My first thoughts were to make an Eni bracelet with them. That isn't too original and the two holes would require some adaptation, anyway.

I selected a pair of red/orange/brown/gold dichroic tube beads, a pair of fuchsia with foil round beads and a pair of clear beads with a textured gold/black rim to represent the lava bed. I fussed with arranging them for several days. I finally settled on the final arrangement. I strung the beads on 20 g sterling wire. When I tried to weave back through the beads, the holes on the beads that went between the dichros were too small. So, I cut wire to go through the holes on the dichro plus enough to angle up and wrap around the original wire on which the beads were strung.


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