Thursday, March 21, 2013

Recent work

Baltic Amber sculpted in sterling fill wire.

 Baltic amber sculpted in sterling silver with sterling and Bali silver beads.

Ammolite sculpted in gold fill wire.

Ammolite wrapped in gold fill wire.
Crystal and copper wave bracelet.

Dichroic glass wrapped in sterling fill wire.
Idaho Spencer opal wrapped in sterling wire with accents of pearls, lapis, garnet and peridot beads and a sterling charm.  

Huge agate slab with smaller agate slabs.  Wrapped/sculpted in copper wire.  The slab is 14 inches across and 36 inches around.  This was quite a challange!

Glass beads and copper bracelet.

Glass beads and copper earrings

Amazonite, sterling and sterling bead bracelet.

Crystal and silver fill earrings
Bead crochet with size 11 seed beads.

Malachite and copper spider.  If this showed up in my house alive, I would probably run!


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